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Cape Cod Windsurfing 
350 Quaker Rd.
N. Falmouth MA 02556
Tel: 508-801-3329
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Beach Location: (driving directions)
Located on old Silver Beach 
next to the Sea Crest Beach Hotel


Get the most out of your windsurfing lesson...learn the basics.

To get underway, you will go through a series of five movements. From the Basic Position, you can get underway by entering the Starting Position and progressing to assume the Balance Position and then two more to assume the Sailing Position.

Basic Position:
In this position, you are standing on the centerline of the board with your back to the wind and the rig is on the leeward (away for the wind) side flagging downwind. The windsurfer and the rig assume a "V" configuration.
Movement #1:
From the start position, select a point dead a head to sail to and point at it with your front hand. Now re-grab the mast with your front hand and release the backhand from the mast, letting it fall to your side.
Starting Position (Movement #2):
Take a step back along the centerline with your back foot and move your front foot so it is pointing forward behind the mast. Keep the sail perpendicular to the board. The sail is still flagging without power.
Balance Position (Movement #3):
In this position, you are aft (back) of the rig and facing forward. You are balanced on the center of the board and the rig is tilted to windward (towards the wind) until it is balanced over the board. (No hands on boom).
Movement #4:
Next, place both hands on the boom.
Sailing Position (Movement #5):
From the Balance Position you perform Movement #4 then finally enter the sailing position. In this position, your hands are placed on the boom, in front of the center of pressure of the sail. Balance your weight against the pressure generated by the sail. Suspend your weight on the boom so your feet are light on the board. You are now sailing.